Primitive Instinct Vol. 1

Primitive Instinct Vol. 1
Primitive Instinct Vol. 1
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The first of its kind, Primitive Instinct Vol. 1 is the world's first full-length hunting video showcasing the primitive bow and arrow used in real hunts. Witness the effectiveness of a stone age weapon in the hands of master archer Billy Berger as he pursues large and small game armed only with the weapons of our ancestors.  Billy first pursues his favorite game animal: squirrels.  He then manufactures a bow, arrows, and flint points from materials gathered in the woods.  Then he returns to the hunt, pursuing both large and small game (including his very first deer, as well as an unbelievable 40-yard shot on a rabbit). 

Almost entirely self filmed, this DVD will bring the Stone Age back to life as you witness up-close hunts as they happen.  The incredible difficulty of filming successful hunts with a primitive bow is why such a video has never been made...until now.  Primitive Instinct Vol.1 required 4 1/2 years to film and produce and was created entirely without the help of sponsors or advertisers, meaning there is no advertising, marketing, cheesy hard rock music or stupid clichés like "Oh man, that's a shooter" or "I SMOKED him"  that's infected every other hunting video out there.  This DVD is pure adventure that's received rave reviews from customers around the world. Embrace the Primitive Instinct that dwells deep within us all.....

Run Time: 91 mins.


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