Fire Hardened Whtewood Bows DVD (International Orders)

Fire Hardened Whtewood Bows DVD (International Orders)
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Is there a forgotten way to make a white wood bow that can rival and even surpass the performance of modern longbows and recurves?  How did tribes living in the humid Southeastern U.S. deal with the ever-present humidity that would have negatively affected the performance of their bows?  Join Keith Shannon, Billy Berger and Thad Beckum as they explore a rediscovered bow making technique that will rewrite what we thought about white wood bows. All aspects of construction are covered, from selecting the tree, to shaping and drying, and finally fire hardening.  In addition there is a segment on making a fire hardened bow with Stone Age tools, showing how this type of bow could have been made easily in prehistory with the simplest of tools.  Chronograph tests prove the power and performance of fire hardened bows, and you'll see them out-shoot osage orange, and even fiberglass bows!  Keith also delves into the science of how fire hardening makes the wood hydrophobic (moisture repellent) and the torture test he put one fire hardened bow through.  To end the video, a dramatic and successful deer hunt with a fire hardened shows their effectiveness is real hunting scenarios.  You'll learn that "second-rate" white woods are capable of superior performance over Osage orange, yew, and even modern fiberglass traditional bows. 

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