Native Clays DVD

Native Clays DVD
Native Clays DVD
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I'm really excited to offer this DVD from master primitive potter,Tony Soares of California.  In this DVD Tony shows you how to make pottery using the ancient "paddle and anvil" technique used by the ancient Anasazi, Freemont, and other tribes living in the southweatern U.S.  Tony gathers clay from a dry lakebed, then takes it to a large rockshelter where he processes it on a mano and metate.  He then adds water and sculpts a beautiful olla (pronounced Oi-Yah) using the paddle and anvil.  As Tony builds the pot from flexible clay it seems as though it will collapse under its own weight.  But like a tightrope walker without a net, Tony walks a thin line of success and failure as the pot's walls grow precariously higher.  Tony's skill is obvious as he paddles the outside of the pot while placing a small round stone on the inside to stretch and thin the walls.  He then brings the sides of the pot in to form the narrow neck, and then adds a graceful flared lip to the rim of the pot.  After the pot dries for several days, it's painted and then fired in an open pit, just like the ancient ones did.  The result is a beautiful, functional work of art that's documented on video to help preserve this ancient pottery technique from extinction.

This video is truly a pleasure to watch.  The editing is professional and the quality is superb. I work in professional TV productions so I know quality when I see it.  Believe me, the quality of this video is top notch.  This will be a fantastic addition to your primitive skills library.          

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