Obsidian Butchering Knife NEW!

Obsidian Butchering Knife NEW!
Obsidian Butchering Knife NEW! Obsidian Butchering Knife NEW!
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This simple, but effectively sharp knife is based on actual prehistoric knives found in the Great Basin and Desert Southwest of North America. The blade is made of unique brown obsidian that has no black coloration called "pumpkin" obsidian.  It comes from one mountaintop source in the remote desert of central Oregon.  The blade is set into a flattened handle of osage orange.  It's glued in place with epoxy and wrapped with artificial sinew.  

This simple, but effective knife is designed for light duty butchering and meat cutting tasks.  It possesses a very sharp, finely serrated edge that's superior to modern steel knives when it comes skinning medium and large game like deer and elk.  The serrated edge separates the connective tissue between the skin and carcass without cutting into the skin, making skinning much faster.  The second advantage is that it results in a hide free of knife slices, which will result in the best quality leather/buckskin if you intend to tan the hide (and why wouldn't you?).  This knife is also effective for cutting meat into steaks.  

Knife is shipped to you in a sturdy, PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery.  Care/instruction sheet is included.     

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