Replica Great Basin Knife

Replica Great Basin Knife
Replica Great Basin Knife Replica Great Basin Knife Replica Great Basin Knife
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This beautiful knife is a handmade replica of prehistoric knives found in numerous caves of the Great Basin.

The blade is made of mahogany obsidian from Glass Buttes, Oregon that's been hand chipped into shape and set into a handle of desert juniper. The blade is very sharp, and it's glued in place with pine sap glue without any sinew wrapping or binding. Yes, the old ones were made the same way. Pine sap glue is surprisingly strong and holds the blade securely. A hole was drilled in the center of the handle and a 2-ply cord of inner elm bark was hand twisted and threaded through the hole, then knotted together on the other end to form a convenient loop that wraps around the wrist.

Knives of this type were commonly used during prehistoric times in the Great Basin and also further south in the Four Corners area of the Desert Southwest. The Northern and Southern Paiute, Hopi, Anasazi, among many other desert tribes used knives just like this one. I've examined several knives in museums that were made exactly the same way, though the cordage that goes through the handle is usually missing since it rotted away. This type of knife is really nicely designed, since the cordage wraps around the wrist and keeps the knife close to the hand while traveling. A quick flip of the wrist brings the knife into the palm where it's immediately grasped and ready for use. These knives would have been used for light cutting tasks and also would be perfect for butchering a variety of large and small game animals. Obsidian, flint, and agate were used for the blades, depending upon the region and available stone resources. This knife is a gorgeous example of the prehistoric knives used by the Natives living in the desert regions of the western U.S. A small tag with info about the knife and its construction is included.

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