Stone Knife SOLD

Stone Knife SOLD
Stone Knife SOLD Stone Knife SOLD Stone Knife SOLD
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This cool knife features a sharp blade made of very fine quality basalt. It was carefully chipped by hand, then it was set into a handle of Pacific Yew heartwood that was also shaped by hand. The blade is glued in place, then the junction is wrapped with artificial sinew. This knife would have been an integral part of every prehistoric hunter's toolkit.  This is identical to prehistoric knives I've seen in museums...a simple stone blade set into an wooden handle.  This would have been a universal knife in just about every prehistoric culture in the world.  

The materials used to make this knife are indigenous to the northern Great Basin and Pacific Northwest, and would have been used by various tribes in that region for butchering deer, elk, salmon, rabbits, and various other game.  Click photos for larger images.  Only $5 shipping! 

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