Serpent's Strike Fantasy Knife

Serpent's Strike Fantasy Knife
Serpent's Strike Fantasy Knife Serpent's Strike Fantasy Knife
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I'm proud to offer one of the coolest and unique primitive knives ever created, the Serpent's Strike Fantasy knife. Every so often I create something exceptional in my Fantasy Series of primitive knives, and this one is over and above anything I've ever made before.  This large knife features a blade of navy blue glass chipped into the serpentine profile you see here.  It's been glued into a wooden handle that's covered with real copperhead skin. The blade/handle junction is wrapped with the skin of a grey squirrel that was killed with my primitive bow and arrow back in 2016.  This stunning blend of primitive skill and modern materials will command attention and respect from everyone priviliged enough to see it firsthand.

Carefully chipping the glass into the snakey shape took a lot of time and care to do.  It's very easy to snap a blade like this one with just a moment's carelessness.  Thankfully this one made it through the process without a single hiccup.  Stand is included. Click photos for larger images. 

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