Black & White Glass Knife (SOLD)

Black & White Glass Knife (SOLD)
Black & White Glass Knife (SOLD) Black & White Glass Knife (SOLD) Black & White Glass Knife (SOLD)
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Here's one of the prettiest and most unique knives I've made to date. The blade is made of white glass that's been sandwiched between two thin layers of black glass, then fused together in a kiln at high temperature until they became one.  The glass was then carefully chipped into the blade you see here, though it wasn't easy to complete.  Several series of flake removals were necessary to remove enough of the black glass around the perimeter to create the desired effect, since the first series of flakes didn't do it.  With time and persistence, the blade finally revealed this stunning color contrast.  White glass is present around the perimeter of the edges with black glass present in the center portion of the blade.  This pattern is present on both sides of the knife.  Very pleasing oblique parallel flake patterns are visible on both faces of the blade, and it has a very straight and symmetrical side profile.  The blade is firmly set into the handle of black walnut heartwood that's been sanded smooth and sealed with urethane to enhance the wood grain.  For even more color contrast the junction of handle and blade has been wrapped with well over a hundred wraps of thin red thread.  The blade edges are very sharp and the custom-fitted stand is included.  Click all photos for larger images.   

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