50 lb Copperhead Backed Osage Bow NEW!

50 lb Copperhead Backed Osage Bow NEW!
50 lb Copperhead Backed Osage Bow NEW! 50 lb Copperhead Backed Osage Bow NEW! 50 lb Copperhead Backed Osage Bow NEW! 50 lb Copperhead Backed Osage Bow NEW! 50 lb Copperhead Backed Osage Bow NEW!
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This little poison slinger is as deadly as it is beautiful. This short Osage Orange bow copies the type of bows used by the horse-mounted Plains warriors to down buffalo and enemies. It's powerful, fast, and its shorter length makes maneuverability and stealth much easier to achieve.

This Osage orange bow is 51 inches long from tip-to-tip and it pulls a stout 50 lbs at 24 inches of draw. It's backed with copperhead skins for stealth and camouflage. The grip is covered with buttery soft black leather and it has deer antler tip overlays. The string is Fast Flight for no stretch, a shockless release, and fast arrow speed. This bow is designed for a right handed shooter.

This short bow is perfect for hunting from tight, concealed locations like blinds or low, brushed-in tree stands. At 50 lbs, this short bow will send an arrow downrange with lightning speed and is perfectly capable of taking deer-sized game within fairly close range of 20 yards or less (although 15 yards or closer is best). Short bows like this one can be somewhat trickier to shoot if you're not used to them because their shorter profile means it's easier to torque the bow when drawing and releasing. But couple this bow with practice and arrows that are matched to this bow and you can achieve very impressive accuracy. After getting accustomed to shooting these short bows and developing a technique that works, I've come to love them. I can now shoot them with fantastic accuracy...and I'm 6-foot 1 and built like a linebacker! I love these little bows because they're light, easy to shoot, and very compact and maneuverable. Their shorter limbs means this bow won't have quite the range and speed as a longer bow since the power stroke is shorter, but if you're a patient and stealthy hunter like the old guys were, then you don't need the range. You know the deer movements. You know when they move. And you know where to set up to get close. All you need is a bow that can cover those last few yards to bring home the meat. And this bow will do it.

This bow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door. Care/Instruction sheet included.

Bow Specs: Osage orange backed with copperhead skins, 51 " long, 50 lbs at 24-inch draw. Black leather grip, right handed, deer antler tip overlays. Fast Flight string.

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