Yew Longbow (NEW!)

Yew Longbow (NEW!)
Yew Longbow (NEW!) Yew Longbow (NEW!) Yew Longbow (NEW!) Yew Longbow (NEW!) Yew Longbow (NEW!) Yew Longbow (NEW!)
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This gorgeous yew longbow resurrects the Midevil timeperiod when knights and archers roamed the land and later when Robin Hood performed his amazing feats of accuracy. 

This bow is made of a seasoned piece of Pacific yew and it pulls 42 lbs at its maximum draw of 28 inches.  It's a great target or hunting bow.  The back exposes the creamy white sapwood while the darker copper brown heartwood is visible on the belly.  The grip is buttery soft black leather deerskin with a pretty accent of yellow leather that spirals around the grip.  The arrow shelf and strike plate are also black leather.  The tips are Asian water buffalo horn and the string is Fast Flite for low stretch and fast arrow speed.  

The upper limb has the remnants of a small knot with an elongated slot that you can actually see through.  But that poses no threat to the bow.  There are also some cracks on either side of the knot hole that protrude into the limb on each side of this knothole, but they've been glued so they can't open.  Yew is well known for character and this bow has it.  This bow shoots great and the knothole poses no threat to the bow as long as it's not overdrawn or abused.  

This bow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure dafe delivery to your door.  Care/Instruction sheet included.  

Bow Specs: Pacific Yew, 66 1/2 inches long (tip to tip).  42 lbs at 28 inches.  

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