You Finish Hickory Bow SOLD

You Finish Hickory Bow SOLD
You Finish Hickory Bow SOLD You Finish Hickory Bow SOLD You Finish Hickory Bow SOLD You Finish Hickory Bow SOLD You Finish Hickory Bow SOLD
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This beautiful hickory longbow is designed to be finished by you, the customer. This is a GREAT option for those who want a basic bow at a good price, but don't want all the added expense of fine finish work. This hickory bow is a fully tillered, fully functional hunting weapon that sends arrows downrange with high speed and deadly accuracy, but is unfinished, allowing you to sand, stain, paint and seal it however you like! You can customize it with a string silencers, a leather grip, tip overlays, snakeskins, paint designs, or whatever colored stain you like, giving you the option of finishing the bow to your particular liking. If you're tight on time but still want a weapon you can hunt with the moment it arrives, look no further than this bow.

This hickory bow pulls 53 lbs at 28 inches and is a stout, powerful weapon capable of taking down any big game animal in North America with properly matched arrows. It's a smooth shooter with almost no handshock. It has a thicker, non-bending handle section that also has an arrow rest that's been carved into the handle itself. It comes with a string of Fast Flite for no stretch and maximum arrow speed, and the center of the string has been reinforced with black serving thread to ensure years of trouble-free shooting. It also comes with a care/instruction sheet. After you've sanded and finished the bow to your liking, it should be sealed with urethane immediately to prevent the bow from absorbing moisture and affecting its shooting performance. Once sealed, the bow will be almost impervious to moisture and bad weather and is ready for use. If you plan to stain the bow, do NOT use an oil based stain since it offers almost no moisture protection. This bow is shipped to you in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door. The pipe can be kept as a storage-shipping container for the bow.

Bow Specs: Hickory (seasoned 1 year), 62 -inches long tip-to-tip, 53 lbs at 28 inch draw, 1 1/4 inches wide @ grip, 1 1/2 inches wide midlimb, 5/8 inches wide at tip below nock. Fast-Flite string.

This is an unfinished longbow that will need to be sealed with urethane before use. If you plan to stain it, do NOT use an oil-based stain.

Please message me if you are interested in this bow but live outside the United States so I can get a correct shipping cost to you before ordering the bow.

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