Rattlesnake Backed Recurve Bow (NEW!)

Rattlesnake Backed Recurve Bow (NEW!)
Rattlesnake Backed Recurve Bow (NEW!) Rattlesnake Backed Recurve Bow (NEW!) Rattlesnake Backed Recurve Bow (NEW!) Rattlesnake Backed Recurve Bow (NEW!) Rattlesnake Backed Recurve Bow (NEW!)
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This sexy recurve bow just looks deadly, and that's because it is!  This handmade wooden recurve bow is made of several different laminated woods with each one placed strategically to capitalize on its own specific strengths.  This ensures the best performance of this beautiful bow. 

The main core of the bow is stranded bamboo, which is very hard and compression resistant.  It's backed with a thin layer of hickory, which is incredibly strong in tension and takes the stretching forces on the outside of the bow better than almost any other wood.  This creates a bow that performs but is also very durable.  The handle (or riser section) is a third lamination of black walnut glued to the center of the bow that's been rounded and smoothed for comfort and consistent hand placement.  The grip is completed with a covering of buttery soft buckskin held by an attractive baseball stitch.  Two bone hairpipe beads hang from the bottom of the grip on the front.  The arrow rest and strike plate is lizard skin and the tips have overlays of purpleheart.  The back of the bow is covered with two matching diamond back rattlesnake skins (one on each side).  The bow also comes with a Fast Flight string for low stretch and fast arrow speed.  And finally, the deflex/recurve profile gives a nice smooth draw, very sweet release and high arrow speed with consistent accuracy.  This bow pulls 48 lbs at 29 inches and would make you a force to be reckoned with when pursuing any big game animal in North America.  This bow is capable of taking deer, wild hogs, elk, and even moose.  Arrows leave the bow at high speed and its sweet release is almost completely devoid of handshock, which improves accuracy and ensures more consistent arrow placement on the target range or in the deer woods. 

Bow Specs:  Laminated wooden recurve bow, 64 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide at grip, 1 5/8 inches midlimb, 3/4 inches wide at tip below nock.  Pulls 48 lbs at 29 inches, hickory backed bamboo, backed with 2 western Diamondback rattlesnake skins.

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