48-lb Yew Longbow

48-lb Yew Longbow
48-lb Yew Longbow 48-lb Yew Longbow 48-lb Yew Longbow 48-lb Yew Longbow 48-lb Yew Longbow 48-lb Yew Longbow 48-lb Yew Longbow
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This beautiful yew longbow is perfect for hunting.  It pulls 48 pounds at 28 inches and is a very sweet shooter with very little handshock as well as being whisper quiet upon release.  It's made from an exceptional piece of old growth yew with such small, fine growth rings that they are indiscernible except at the handle fade.  It's also a very clean and straight piece of wood, which is rare with yew.  Creamy yellowish sapwood adorns the back and coppery brown heartwood is present on the belly.  The tips have antler overlays and the string is dark brown and orange dacron B-50 with soft fur silencers at each end to muffle string twang when shot.  The handle is wrapped with dark brown leather that's been accented with white thread in between the wraps.  Each end of the grip wrap is then accented with a broad band of black leather.  There's an antler arrow rest on the right side of the handle to accomodate left handed shooters, but this bow can be shot by a right handed shooter as well, although there is no arrow rest on that side of the bow.  The arrow would simply rest on the knuckle and that would act as the arrow rest.  Click photos for larger images.

This beautiful bow is the perfect draw weight.  It shoots well, it's accurate, and it delivers arrow with lethal speed while maintaining a stealthy presence in the quiet forest.  It doesn't overpower the archer, making it a joy to shoot and this also improves accuracy. 

Specs: Self Bow (unbacked), Old growth Pacific Yew, 71 1/2 inches long.  Width: 1 inch wide @ handle, 1 3/8 inches midlimb, 5/8 inch at tip below nock.  Pulls 48 lbs at 28 inches.  For left and right handed shooters.   

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