Turkey Feather Bow

Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow Turkey Feather Bow
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This is one of the most unique bows I've ever offered.  This hackberry bow has been backed with the layered iridescent breast feathers of a wild turkey.  The feathers are applied one over the other to make an incredibly beautiful and unique bow decoration.  The feathers are then covered with shellac to protect them from moisture.  This bow also features a leather grip, leather strike plate, and a deer antler arrow shelf.  The belly is staned dark brown and the sides of the bow have a unique camo design that's actually painted on with a turkey feather.  The string is light and dark brown Dacron B-50 with black serving to protect the string from abrasion and provide years of performance. This bow pulls 40 lbs at its maximum draw of 28 inches.    

I've never seen anyone use turkey feathers for a decoration before.  The iridescent bars on the feathers change color depending on the angle of the light.  They go from greenish gold to yellow, and then to a copper brown as the bow is shifted in the light.  Some of the feathers even reflect a dark bluish grey.  The trouble with using feathers for decoration like this is that the feathers are quite fragile and will collapse when wetted.  How Dan was able to seal this bow with sealer and not  ruin the feathers is a secret he refuses to divulge!  Regardless, this gorgeous bow is a show-stopper and gets more admiration and compliments than any other bow I've ever seen.  

Bow Specs: Hackberry, 67 inches long, Width at handle-1 1/4-inches, midlimb- 1 5/8 inches, tip below nock- 5/8 inch.  Pulls 40 lbs at 28 inches.     

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