Hupa Bow SOLD

Hupa Bow SOLD
Hupa Bow SOLD Hupa Bow SOLD Hupa Bow SOLD Hupa Bow SOLD Hupa Bow SOLD Hupa Bow SOLD
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This replica Hupa bow is a copy of an authentic bow that's currently housed in the Clarke Museum in Eureka, California.  This bow is made of the same materials and is painted with the same colors and design as the original.  The bow is sinew backed yew and pulls 47 lbs at 17 inches of draw.  It has a 2-ply sinew string, rawhide boots on each tip, and rabbit skin fur accents just below each nock.  The handle is wrapped with a very narrow strip of brain tanned buckskin.  It holds almost 2 inches of reflex when left unstrung for a while.  This is a fully functional hunting bow.

The Hupa normally used these short bows for close-range hunting.  They would ambush deer from brush blinds built near well-used game trails.  These short bows enabled a hunter to maneuver into shooting position within the crowded confines of a blind without the impediments of a larger, longer bow.  At close range these little bows provide plenty of killing power.  Artist and  bowmaker Steve Allely has taken numerous deer with replica Hupa bows and arrows, some as close as 12 feet. 

Hupa bows require considerable time and expertise to make; the paint design alone took over 9 hours to complete.  This is a great price for one of these specialty bows. 

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