Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows NEW!

Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows NEW!
Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows NEW! Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows NEW! Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows NEW!
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This high performance kid's bow is just like dad's bow, only smaller and yes, it's a shooter! The bow is made from a hickory sapling that was split in half and carefully carved into the bow you see here.  It still has the bark on the outside, and that's the side that faces the target when shooting.  It has a leather wrapped grip and the string is black and yellow Dacron B-50.  This bow also comes with 3 arrows.  Two are blunts for practice, the other is stone tipped for hunting.  The arrows are fletched with real turkey wing feathers that are wrapped front and back with artificial sinew then glued to the shaft.  The feathers have a spiral so they'll spin in flight, improving stability and accuracy.   

This bow may be listed as a kid's bow, but rest assured it's not a toy.  It can send arrows downrange with surprising speed, so close adult supervision is strongly recommended whenever a youngster is shooting this bow.  Be sure to advise the shooter on all safety procedures and safe handling.  This bow is a great way to introduce a youngster to the hobby of bowhunting and archery, but this bow can also be used for hunting large and medium sized game.    

Archery set Specs: Hickory kids bow 45 1/2 inches long tip to tip, Pulls 28 lbs at its maximum draw of 20 inches.  3 arrows fletched with turkey feathers.  Two have blunt practice tips, one stone tipped for hunting.
This entire set is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.

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