Osage Orange Kids Bow and 3 Arrows (NEW!)

Osage Orange Kids Bow and 3 Arrows (NEW!)
Osage Orange Kids Bow and 3 Arrows (NEW!) Osage Orange Kids Bow and 3 Arrows (NEW!) Osage Orange Kids Bow and 3 Arrows (NEW!) Osage Orange Kids Bow and 3 Arrows (NEW!)
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This high performance kid's bow and 3 arrows is a fully functional, target and small/medium game hunting weapon that's just like dad's....only smaller!  The bow is made of a small sapling of osage orange that was split in half and carefully tillered to pull 18 lbs at its full draw of 18 inches.  That packs a lot of punch in a little package.  When viewed from the belly side the pretty strip of yellow heartwood is visible in the center of the limbs.  The arrows are matched to this bow to give clean, straight flight.  The shafts are made of pine dowels with straight grain to minimize splitting upon hitting a hard target.  They are fletched with real turkey wing feathers that are wrapped with artificial sinew front and back and glued to the shaft.  The feathers are applied with a spiral so the arrows will spin after leaving the bow and increase stability and accuracy. The front of the arrows are wrapped with artificial sinew to prevent splitting if the target is missed and the arrow strikes a hard target. Red rings on the front portion of the shafts are a draw point marker that shows the maximum draw length of the bow.  The arrows should not be drawn so the red line goes past the bow's handle.  These blunt arrows are for target shooting, but a metal or stone point could be lashed to the front of the arrows and that would transform them into fully functional hunting projectiles. 

Just because this bow is labeled a "kids bow", don't misinterpret that to mean this bow is a toy. It's a very capable, high performance weapon that packs a serious punch.  Use only under adult supervision.  This bow is great fun for both kids and adults to shoot, just be sure to be safe when using it.  

Bow Specs: Osage orange sapling, 46" long, pulls 18 lbs at 18" of draw.  Arrows are pine dowels fletched with turkey wing feathers applied with helix for accurate true flight.  Bow and arrows is shipped in PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.      

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