Osage Orange Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows SOLD

Osage Orange Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows SOLD
Osage Orange Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows SOLD Osage Orange Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows SOLD Osage Orange Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows SOLD Osage Orange Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows SOLD Osage Orange Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows SOLD
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Just in time for the Corona Virus shutdown, here's the perfect distraction for your kids that I KNOW are getting on your last nerve!

This cute little kids bow and 3 arrows is a surprisingly fast, effective shooter. The bow is handmade of Osage orange with a thin layer of white sapwood and the rest is bright yellow heartwood. It has a really cool little snake in the grain on the upper limb. The bow is sanded but doesn't have a finish on it. The customer can seal the bow with urethane, paint it if they so desire, or just leave it as-is. It has a string of Dacron B-50 that will last for years. It has a thicker non-bending grip that's wrapped with a narrow strip of leather for comfort and to quiet the arrow when shot.

The arrows are also hand made. The shafts are made from straight grained pine dowels fletched with real wild turkey feathers that are applied with a twist so the arrow will spin in flight and increase accuracy. Two of the arrows are blunts for practice. The front of the shafts are wrapped tightly with artificial sinew (waxed nylon) to reinforce the front of the shaft and prevent splitting if the arrow hits something hard like a rock or tree. The third arrow is tipped with a super sharp mahogany obsidian arrowhead that's glued in place and also wrapped with artificial sinew. This arrow is designed for hunting only and should not be shot into targets.

Because the bow is handmade from hard wood and not fiberglass, it can only withstand a certain amount of strain. Each arrow has a red ring that encircles the shaft about 2/3rds of the way toward the front. These are visual draw point markers and the arrows must NOT be drawn so the red lines go past the handle, otherwise the bow can be overstrained or even broken. With proper care this bow will last a lifetime and will continue to shoot just as well as the day it was made.

Despite being labeled as a "kid's bow" this is NOT A TOY. It's a surprisingly fast shooter and with properly matched arrows it's capable of killing small and medium sized game like squirrels, raccoons, and bobcats at reasonably close range. In fact I would bet this bow could take a deer at close range with properly designed arrows. With this corona virus shutdown, I'm sure the kids are driving the parents crazy. At least this bow can keep the kids busy for a few hours and out of their parents' hair!

This bow and arrows is sent in a PVC pipe for ensured safe delivery to your door. Care an instruction sheet is included with this bow and arrows.

Bow Specs: Osage orange, 43 inches long, pulls 25 lbs at 17 inches.

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