Hickory Bow Stave 1 SOLD

Hickory Bow Stave 1 SOLD
Hickory Bow Stave 1 SOLD Hickory Bow Stave 1 SOLD Hickory Bow Stave 1 SOLD Hickory Bow Stave 1 SOLD
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This hickory bow stave is very clean and is from a smaller diameter tree, which is how many authentic Indian bows I've seen were made.  This stave can be made into a bow quite quickly and requires a minimum amount of wood removal, and I'm sure that's whay a lot of Indian bows were made from smaller diameter trees.  This stave would make a great Eastern Woodlands longbow, but could also make a shorter Plains style bow if you so desired.  Yes, hickory was used by many tribes in the Northeastern U.S. and also by Plains tribes for their bows...I've seen a Pamunkey bow (from Virginia) and several Cheyenne/Arapaho bows in the Smithsonian that were made of hickory.  

This stave has thick summer rings all the way to the outer portions of the back, and that's important because that translates into a bow of maximum tension strength.  Of course you could just make a bow from this stave as-is of raw hickory.  Or it could be roughed out and fire hardened for a bow of maximum performance and moisture resistance.  This stave was cut in Jan 2018 and still has the bark on it.  That allows the stave to dry slower, resulting in the hardest, strongest bow wood.  It has a gently S-curve along its back, but that can be easily heated and straightnened out.

Stave Specs:  Virginia Hickory (seasoned 1 year), 70 inches long, 2 inches wide at center, 1 1/4 inches thick at center.

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