Osage Orange Bow Stave SOLD

Osage Orange Bow Stave SOLD
Osage Orange Bow Stave SOLD Osage Orange Bow Stave SOLD Osage Orange Bow Stave SOLD Osage Orange Bow Stave SOLD
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This beautifully clean osage orange bow stave is perfect for making your next longbow.  It's been seasoned for 3 years and is essentially a 2-inch thick sapling that's been split in half.  It has no knots, with a nice, very clean back.  It has a gentle S-curve when viewed down the back, but the tips line up with each other, ensuring the string will track down the center of the stave.  This would make a very nice replica Native American bow, as many of the true Indian bows I've examined in museums were made from small diameter trees like this one.  The bark would be removed and then the sides and belly of the bow were reduced.  I believe this was a carry-over from centuries of using stone tools, and it makes sense since this reduces the amount of work and wood removal required to make a bow.

This stave does have one drying crack on one tip, and I've included photos of it.  This crack runs approximately 3 1/2 inches into the stave from the end, however this crack could very easily be filled with glue and clamped closed until the glue dried.  Then the bow could be made with no worry about the tip splitting.  Because of this I've reduced the price on this stave by $10 as a result.  Purchase this stave risk free....if you decide the crack is too much for you to tackle, return it for a full refund (provided the stave is untouched).

Can only ship to U.S destinations.

Stave Specs:  Osage Orange (cured 3 years), 62 1/2 inches long, 2 inches wide at center (grip), 1 1/4 inches thick at grip (center of stave).

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