Kid's Bow and 3 arrows SOLD

Kid's Bow and 3 arrows SOLD
Kid's Bow and 3 arrows SOLD Kid's Bow and 3 arrows SOLD Kid's Bow and 3 arrows SOLD Kid's Bow and 3 arrows SOLD
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This primitive kid's bow is made from a small, straight Osage orange sapling that's been split in half and tillered to bend evenly.  It has some small knots on the back that give the bow an interesting appearance but they don't affect the bow's durability.  The bow has a string of Dacron B-50 for years of shooting enjoyment and it has a leather wrapped grip.  It also comes with three matched arrows made from dowels with grain that runs parallel to the shaft for increased durability.  It's fletched with three real wild turkey wing feathers that are wrapped on both ends with artificial sinew and they're glued to the shaft with a twist to the them so the arrows will grab the air and spin in flight for increased accuracy and stability. The fronts of the shafts are blunt and are wrapped with artificial sinew to prevent splitting if an errant shot hits a rock or tree.  The arrows also have a red ring on the shaft which is a visual draw point marker.  

Although this is a kid's bow, it still launches arrows with surprising speed and requires close adult supervision.  This bow also comes with a care/instruction sheet. 

Bow Specs: Osage orange, 46 1/2 inches long, pulls 17 lbs at 19 inches.  

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