Hickory Hunter Bow 2 SOLD

Hickory Hunter Bow 2 SOLD
Hickory Hunter Bow 2 SOLD Hickory Hunter Bow 2 SOLD Hickory Hunter Bow 2 SOLD Hickory Hunter Bow 2 SOLD Hickory Hunter Bow 2 SOLD
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The original Hickory Hunter bow garnered a lot of attention, so I've ressurected it and made another one!  This bow is made of hickory and is stained the exact same color as the original Hickory Hunter, but it's a little longer at 62 1/2 inches from tip to tip.  It pulls 52 lbs at its maximum draw of 28 inches.  The string is black and white Dacron B-50 that's been served with black serving thread to protect the string from abrasion and provide years of trouble-free performance.  The string also has two fur string silencers made of racoon hide. The bow is ambidextrous and can be shot by either left or right-handed shooters. The grip is wrapped with buttery-soft chocolate leather to quiet the arrow upon release.  It's been stained and three coats of spray-on semi-gloss urethane were applied to seal the bow and protect it from moisture.

This is a fast shooting bow with very consistent accuracy.  Another unexpected quality of this bow is how quiet it is upon release.  Some bows, when made, will exhibit pleasant surprises you never expected.  Some are unusually accurate, others are exceptionally sweet shooting.  This bow surprised me when I released the arrow and heard very little sound.  And that was even before I added the string silencers.  A quiet bow is most desired when hunting game animals with keen hearing because they can "jump the string" and react before the arrow hits, resulting in a miss, or even worse, a wounded animal.  This bow's unusually quiet release will help combat this...it's as stealthy as a ninja and will deliver pinpoint accuracy with matched arrows. 

Bow Specs:  Hickory, 62 1/2 inches long, 2 inches wide near grip, 1 3/4 inches wide midlimb, 5/8 inches wide at tip below nock.  Pulls 52 lbs @ 28 inches. 

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