White Ash Longbow

White Ash Longbow
White Ash Longbow White Ash Longbow White Ash Longbow White Ash Longbow White Ash Longbow White Ash Longbow
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This hunting longbow is made of two pieces of white ash that were spliced together at the handle and glued. Another piece of wood was then glued to the center to form the grip.  This bow is unusual because it's bias-ringed, meaning the growth rings run through the wood at a 45-degree angle when viewed from the tip.  That means the growth rings form long, parallel lines on both the back and the belly. The fibers themselves aren't violated, making this bow an efficient and durable shooter.  The handle is wrapped with a long strip of buttery-soft leather.  The string is made of dark brown dacron B-50 that's served in the center with black serving thread to protect it from abrasion and give you years of shooting enjoyment. It has a semi-permanent knot on the bottom limb and a plaited loop on the top limb. It pulls 47 pounds at its maximum draw of 29 inches.  

Two racoon fur string silencers have been wound around the string to minimize string twang and make the bow as stealthy as possible. When shot it's very quiet and only creates a very muffled "thwup".  The bow has been sealed with three coats of spray-on urethane to protect it from moisture and the center of the string has been wrapped with black serving to protect it from abrasion and provide years of trouble-free performance.

This bow is a really sweet shooter and is the perfect draw weight.  It's longer length gives a nice, smooth draw and its manageable but lethal poundage doesn't overpower the archer.  It's very quiet when shot and gives excellent arrow speed with consistent and accurate arrow trajectory.  This bow has the power to bring down large game like deer, elk, and bear but also has the accuracy to make pin-point accurate shots on small game like squirrels and rabbits.  Click all photos for larger images.

Bow Specs: White ash, 68 1/4 inches long tip-to-tip, 1 1/16th inch wide @ grip, 1 11/16 inches wide midlimb, 5/8 inch wide at tip below nock.  Pulls 47 lbs at 29 inches.       

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