Cherokee D Bow SOLD

Cherokee D Bow SOLD
Cherokee D Bow SOLD Cherokee D Bow SOLD Cherokee D Bow SOLD Cherokee D Bow SOLD
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This beautifully tillered Cherokee bow is a dead ringer for one I examined in the Smithsonian several years ago.  This bow is made of Osage orange that has a thin layer of sapwood still on it.  It's 63 inches long and pulls 49 lbs at its full draw of 28 inches (not to be drawn further than that).  It has really pretty diamond shaped tips just like the ones on the original bow. It bends its entire length, hence the name "D" bow.  It's a simple bow as many Cherokee bows were, basically a bent slat of wood with a string secured on each end.  It has a string of naturally colored tan Dacron B-50 with a permanent loop on the top limb and a semi-permanent loop on the bottom.  This makes the brace height adjustable to the user's preference.  Black serving at the middle protects it from abrasion so it provides years of trouble-free shooting.  This is a fully capable hunting weapon.

This bow is made from an exceptionally clean piece of Osage, which is a favorite of modern-day Cherokees living in Oklahoma.  Before being forced west they preferred black locust for their bows, and indeed the one I saw in the Smithsonian was made of locust.  Unfortunately several years ago a blight killed many of the black locust trees in my area, making it exceedingly difficult to find a straight piece of the locust once prized by the Cherokees.  So I had to substitute.  

There are two small cosmetic defects in this bow (none of which affect its performance or durability).  First, there are two small marks on the side of the bow near the handle that were left behind when we cut the huge tree into staves with a chainsaw.  The log that this bow came from was 18 inches in diameter and a chainsaw was the only way to cut it into manageable size.  Unfortunately the saw strayed just a bit, leaving two small "bite marks" on the side of the stave.  These marks don't affect the bow's performance and I still fully guarantee this bow against breakage (when used properly and not abused) for the span of one year.  The other is a small drying crack at one tip.  Neither threaten this bow in any way, but I still dropped the price just to make up for these minor problems.  You can't get a better bow for the price!  Cane arrows would go great with this bow and would complete this replica Cherokee weapon. This bow is shipped in a 2-inch diameter piece of PVC pipe that can be kept as a storage/transport tube for the bow.  It also comes with a care and instruction sheet to ensure years of shooting enjoyment.  

Bow Specs: Osage orange wood,  Length- 63 inches, 1 3/8 inches wide @ handle, 1 1/4 inches wide midlimb, 7/8 inches wide just below nock. Pulls 49 lbs @ 28 inch draw. 

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