Hickory Hunter (SOLD)

Hickory Hunter (SOLD)
Hickory Hunter (SOLD) Hickory Hunter (SOLD) Hickory Hunter (SOLD) Hickory Hunter (SOLD) Hickory Hunter (SOLD) Hickory Hunter (SOLD)
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Just in time for hunting season, this powerful and beautiful hickory longbow was made from a reflexed stave of Alabama hickory that seasoned for four years. As this stave dried it bent backwards, creating several inches of naturally induced performance-enhancing reflex. It's 61 inches long and pulls a stout 58 lbs at 27 inches. The grip is narrowed for more consistent arrow flight and it's wrapped with a long strip of buttery soft chocolate leather. The string is two-toned light brown and dark brown dacron with black serving thread where the arrow contacts the string for increased abrasion resistance.  The upper string loop is plaited for ease in stringing and unstringing the bow, with a semi-permanent knot on the lower tip. The bow has been stained dark for camouflage and is sealed with three coats of urethane. Even after repeated shooting the bow springs back to being flat after unstringing. The smaller, lighter tips gives high arrow speed with very little handshock. It's a very sweet shooter.

I really like the natural color of white woods like hickory, but they stand out like a beacon in dark forests where game animals hide. That's an obvious disadvantage.  So I stained the bow to darken it and help it blend in with its surroundings.  The stain I used was black, but when I rubbed it into the wood it suddenly became a gorgeous brownish-purple. I was taken completely by surprise, and it transformed this bow into one of the coolest looking bows I've ever made.  The one photo of me drawing the bow is before it was stained just to show its full draw profile.  After staining I then sealed the bow with three coats of urethane to protect it from moisture.    

If you want a bow capable of felling tough big game with lethal efficiency, look no further. This is a serious hunting weapon that launches heavy arrows with lethal velocity and is capable of bringing down any big game animal in North American.  Pair this bow with matched, balanced arrows and you've got a weapon capable of taking deer, elk, black bear, wild hogs and even moose. Its somewhat short length makes it maneuverable in a blind or stand and also delivers maximum performance.  River cane or tonkin cane arrows would be perfect with this bow.  Click here to visit the arrow materials page if you want to round out this bow with lethal cane arrows.  This bow is shipped in a strong PVC tube that can be kept as a future storage/shipping case. A care and maintenance sheet is also included with the bow to ensure many years of shooting enjoyment.


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