Flint Hunting Points

Nothing looks cooler than a set of arrows tipped with flint points, and you won't find better points for the price.  When buying stone hunting points, it's important to get them from someone who's had success using them in real hunts.  I've used my own stone points exclusively since I began primitive hunting 25 years ago and have yet to use a metal broadhead.  All my kills have been made with my own stone points...and they work!  Quality flint hunting points take time and a high level of skill to create and therefore aren't cheap, but I do my best to make them affordable to you.  Have full confidence in the points you buy here because I won't send you anything I wouldn't use myself. These stone points are matched in weight within 5 grains of each other and are designed strictly for hunting.  The edges are finely serrated and extremely sharp and will prove their lethality when delivered to the vitals of your next game animal.  These are not perfect "art" points and may have some minor imperfections in shape, but rest assured these are fully capable of doing their lethal job.  If you're unsure about what points to buy, my advice is to choose the smallest stone point possible as smaller stone points penetrate better than larger ones.  Before ordering, read important information by clicking on Stone Point Information here.  If you still have questions you can e-mail me directly (primitivepathways1@yahoo.com).  Measuring tape is shown in the photos for size reference.  Check your local game laws before ordering as stone points are not legal in all states.

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3 Flint Hunting Points (80 grains) (SOLD)
These three side-notched hunting points are made of glassy, heat treated agate and all weigh 80 grai..
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3 Mahogany Obsidian Hunting Points (95 grains) (SOLD)
These three obsidian hunting points are as beautiful as they are deadly. They're made of mahogany ob..
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