Here you'll find beautiful hand chipped flint arrowheads for your collection, as well as stone hunting points that are ready for your next set of arrows.  The art points are just that...artwork.  They are very finely made and come in their own display case.  Hunting points are made with utility in mind.  They are not as perfectly made, but they have finely serrated edges that are scary sharp and are designed strictly for hunting.  Trust me, they work.  Hunting points vary in size and weight, making it easy to find a point that meets your needs. Click here to see the Art Points gallery, or click here to see the Hunting Points gallery. 



NEW GALLERY ADDED! I've just added a new gallery featuring arrowheads made of the most colorful material available: Dichroic glass.  This material explodes with color that can't be matched by any other material.  These points feature a rainbow of colors that are so intense they have to be seen to be believed.  Click here to take a tour of the new gallery.  Be sure to check back often because I'll be posting new dichroic art pieces on a regular basis. 

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