Dan Spier Bows

In this new category are the works of my friend Dan Spier.  He's a retired coach who's also an accomplished artist, bow maker and flintknapper.  Being retired gives him lots of free time to make his beautiful bows.  These bows are fast, sweet shooting, and they look just as good as they shoot.  Being wood they still require some care, and cannot be overdrawn or abused.  But if properly cared for they will last indefinitely and are effective for both target shooting or hunting.  I wouldn't offer them if they weren't quality...they are some of the most consistently sweet-shooting bows I've ever shot.   

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40-lb Sinew-Backed Hickory Bow
This bow is made from a small hickory sapling that's been sinew backed and has the back stained dark..
Ex Tax: $275.00
48-lb Yew Longbow
This beautiful yew longbow is perfect for hunting.  It pulls 48 pounds at 28 inches and is a ve..
Ex Tax: $400.00
56-lb Copperhead Longbow for Big Game Hunting (NEW!)
This beautiful bow is a serious hunting bow for big game.  It's made of Osage orange wood and..
Ex Tax: $375.00
56-lb Osage Snake Bow
There's something really wicked about a bow that has a snakeskin glued to it, and this one is a perf..
Ex Tax: $325.00
Copperhead Backed Osage Bow (NEW!)
This beautiful Osage orange bow is backed with a real copperhead snakeskin and pulls 33 lbs at 27 in..
Ex Tax: $300.00
Duck Painted on Stretched Leather
This original acrylic painting was done by by Dan Spier and is made on a piece of leather stretched ..
Ex Tax: $220.00
Indian Painting on Stretched Leather
This gorgeous painting was done by Dan Spier and is the most unique idea for a painting that I've se..
Ex Tax: $150.00
Turkey Feather Bow
This is one of the most unique bows I've ever offered.  This hackberry bow has been backed with..
Ex Tax: $389.00
38-lb Osage Snake Bow SOLD
This beautiful bow is made of Osage orange that's been backed with a copperhead snake skin. It has c..
Ex Tax: $275.00
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Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD
This beautiful recurve bow is made of Osage orange wood that's backed with a western diamondback rat..
Ex Tax: $0.00
54-lb Rattlesnake Bow SOLD
This beautiful Dan Spier bow is Osage orange backed with western diamondback rattlesnake skins. ..
Ex Tax: $0.00
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