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40-lb Sinew-Backed Hickory Bow
This bow is made from a small hickory sapling that's been sinew backed and has the back stained dark..
Ex Tax: $300.00
48-lb Yew Longbow
This beautiful yew longbow is perfect for hunting.  It pulls 48 pounds at 28 inches and is a ve..
Ex Tax: $410.00
56-lb Osage Snake Bow
There's something really wicked about a bow that has a snakeskin glued to it, and this one is a perf..
Ex Tax: $375.00
Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2
This high performance kid's bow is made from a half split sapling of Osage orange that's got a beaut..
Ex Tax: $60.00
Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow
If you want to make a replica Southern Plains style bow, look no further than this stave.  This..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow
This beautiful recurve bow is made of Osage orange wood that's backed with a western diamondback rat..
Ex Tax: $500.00
Turkey Feather Bow
This is one of the most unique bows I've ever offered.  This hackberry bow has been backed with..
Ex Tax: $389.00
White Ash Longbow
This hunting longbow is made of two pieces of white ash that were spliced together at the handle and..
Ex Tax: $375.00
38-lb Osage Snake Bow
This beautiful bow is made of Osage orange that's been backed with a copperhead snake skin. It has c..
Ex Tax: $320.00
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English Style Osage Longbow
This gorgeous bow is made of lemon yellow Osage orange and mimics the English Longbow of the Middle ..
Ex Tax: $500.00
Hickory Hunter Bow 2
The original Hickory Hunter bow garnered a lot of attention, so I've ressurected it and made another..
Ex Tax: $425.00
Hupa Bow
This replica Hupa bow is a copy of an authentic bow that's currently housed in the Clarke Museum in ..
Ex Tax: $475.00
Cherokee D Bow SOLD
This beautifully tillered Cherokee bow is a dead ringer for one I examined in the Smithsonian severa..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Kid's Bow and 3 arrows SOLD
This primitive kid's bow is made from a small, straight Osage orange sapling that's been split in ha..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Hickory Hunter (SOLD)
Just in time for hunting season, this powerful and beautiful hickory longbow was made from a reflexe..
Ex Tax: $0.00
Based on 1 reviews.
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