Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow

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Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow

Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow
Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow Osage Orange Stave for Plains Bow
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If you want to make a replica Southern Plains style bow, look no further than this stave.  This Osage orange stave has been seasoned for 2 years and is ready to be made into a bow the moment it arrives at your door. It's split from a small diameter tree, as many original Plains bows I've seen in museums were done.  It has a few gentle S-curves along the length of the stave when viewed from the front, but has a nice, slightly reflexed profile when viewed from the side which will make for a strong, very fast bow with a beautiful gull-wing side profile.  The sideways curves can be easily straightened with grease and heat once the bow is shaped.  There are no visible knots on this stave. The layer of sapwood is exceptionally thin, making the vast majority of this stave super-strong heartwood. You can carefully peel the bark off and leave the sapwood on the back as was done on some Comanche and Kiowa bows, or you can scrape it off and make an all heartwood bow as was also done on the southern Plains.  

The spring wood in the growth rings is very thin, which translates into a very large percentage of strong "summer wood" to ensure the bow is of exceptional durability.  Click photos for larger images.

Stave Specs: Osage orange (seasoned 2 years), 53 1/2 inches long, 2 inches wide @ center, 1 1/4 inches thick @ center.  

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