Osage Bow Stave with Established Back (NEW!)

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Osage Bow Stave with Established Back (NEW!)

Osage Bow Stave with Established Back (NEW!)
Osage Bow Stave with Established Back (NEW!) Osage Bow Stave with Established Back (NEW!) Osage Bow Stave with Established Back (NEW!)
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For beginners and even experienced bow makers, establishing the back of a stave can be a long, tedious process.  And it can be easy to cut through the ring if you're not careful, wrecking hours of careful work.  If you don't want to bother with the headache of chasing a ring, don't!  It required over 2 hours of careful work, but this Osage orange bow stave already has the back established to one growth ring and is ready to be made into a bow the moment you receive it.  It came from a large diameter tree that has been seasoned for 8 years (yes...you read that right...8 years).  It has very straight grain and the larger diameter tree results in a bow with a flatter back, giving more surface area for the tension forces to be distributed when the bow is shot.  This results in a safer, more energy-efficient bow.  There is only a slight problem with this stave in that it has a moderate twist when viewed from end to end.  The great thing about Osage orange is that it bends quite easily once it's heated and holds the correction very well.  This stave could be easily corrected with appropriate heating and twisting...I've corrected staves with much more severe twist than this one.  It has some small knots and bumps along the back with one dime-sized knot, though the knots aren't a concern since the back is already established...the hard part is already done for you!  Several growth rings of extra wood have been left on the larger knot, just for safety.  Reduce the limb thickness, heat and twist each limb so they are as in line with the handle as possible, then finish shaping and tillering the bow.  For twisting the limbs I strongly recommend using grease and dry heat (like a campfire or gas stove), and I recommend you use a forked tree as a vise because the tree bark will cushion the stave and not dent or mar the wood like a metal vise will.  This is a larger, heavier stave, giving you more room to place the bow and adjust its layout. 

Stave Specs: Osage orange seasoned 8 years, 65 1/2 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide at center.           

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