3 Obsidian Hunting Points (60 grains) NEW!

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3 Obsidian Hunting Points (60 grains) NEW!

3 Obsidian Hunting Points (60 grains) NEW!
3 Obsidian Hunting Points (60 grains) NEW! 3 Obsidian Hunting Points (60 grains) NEW!
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These 3 matched mahogany obsidian hunting points are as beautiful as they are deadly.  They feature super-sharp serrated edges and are side notched to comply with states that require non-barbed broadheads.  They're very closely matched in weight (60 grains) and are within 3 grains of each other. They provide just under 1-inch cutting widths for short blood trails and quick kills.  Their design is robust to minimize breakage yet are thin enough to minimize drag and maximize penetration.  Obsidian creates the sharpest edges known to man, so if you want the sharpest material for your hunting points, look no further than these points.  You won't find sharper, more beautiful arrowheads than these. 

These points are made from high-quality, very glassy mahogany obsidian from Oregon.  They're made from a variety of mahogany obsidian with exceptional flaking qualities and strength.  Not all obsidian is created equal.  Some mahogany obsidian is more brittle and weak when compared to the black or smokey clear varities. It usually isn't apparent to a novice knapper, but is immediately apparent to an experienced craftsman.  This mahogany comes from a small quarry that flakes beautifully, yet has the strength of the black obsidian.  Unfortunately the pieces of obsidian that come from this quarry tend to be small, but they are worth collecting because of its superior qualities.  Click photos for larger images.   

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