Natural Turkey Wing Primary Feathers (18 ct) (SOLD OUT)

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Natural Turkey Wing Primary Feathers (18 ct) (SOLD OUT)

Natural Turkey Wing Primary Feathers (18 ct) (SOLD OUT)
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These naturally barred turkey wing feathers are perfect for fletching your next set of primitive arrows.  They're robust, durable, and the natural black and white bands are perfect camouflage.  These are the outermost feathers on a turkey's wing and are therefore the thickest and most durable, however the thicker feather makes for slightly more noise in flight.  Available in left or right wing.  These are full size feathers.  Only one side of the feather is full enough to be used for traditional fletching, while the other side can be peeled off the quill and wrapped spirally around the shaft to make a unique flu-flu.  These feathers will fletch 12 arrows (six traditional and six flu-flu's)  These feathers are from domestic bronze turkeys that look identical to wild birds.   

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