Spearpoint Embedded in Bone

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Spearpoint Embedded in Bone

Spearpoint Embedded in Bone
Spearpoint Embedded in Bone Spearpoint Embedded in Bone Spearpoint Embedded in Bone
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This elk shoulder blade has a flint spearpoint embedded halfway through it.  This is not an authentic artifact, but rather a modern-made spearpoint of coastal plains chert that's been fitted into a hole carefully carved in the shoulder blade to fit the spearpoint.  This is a great educational or conversation piece.  I've always loved these exceedingly rare snapshots of the moment of impact from a prehistoric hunt frozen in time.  I've been fortunate enough to have seen a few authentic examples in museums and private collections, but they're very rare.  To me they are one of the most interesting artifacts.  I surmise there were probably a lot more of these in prehistory, but bone very rarely survives from those times.  Once the bone disappears the projectile points embedded in them would be the only artifact that survives.         

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