Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica

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Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica

Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica
Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica
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This museum-quality Sierra Miwok replica arrow is a copy of a set of two matching arrows I examined this past summer.  Both of the original arrows are in a private collection and are over 100 years old. This arrow matches them in every way and is a perfect copy of the original artifacts. 

The shaft is made from a slim oceanspray shoot.  The point is obsidian and the original arrows had this exact same point of this unique design.  The fletch is Canada goose wing feathers.  The fletch wasn't glued on the original arrows, they were simply wrapped on each end, so I followed suit.  The paint is earth pigment and crushed charcoal and it matches the paint design of the original arrows.  All the wrappings are real deer sinew.  The tiny grooves that are sanded into the shaft under the feathers and also just below the point are made by sanding with horsetail rush.  These same grooves were present on the original arrow and are a common feature of arrows from the northern Cailfornia region.  

Arrow is 29 1/8 inches long and 1/4 inch in diameter.    

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