Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD

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Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD

Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD
Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD Replica Anasazi Arrow 2 SOLD
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This replica Ansazi arrow is a reconstruction based on ones I examined in the Smithsonian last summer.  The original arrow fragments were found in an Arizona cave and although fragmented, there were enough pieces to reconstruct the original arrow. This replica follows, as closely as possible, the materials and wood species used in the original.  The main shaft is Phragmites reed with a foreshaft of a desert shrub I collected Arizona. The side notched point is made of white chert and is very finely made with a needle sharp tip and very fine serrations that give the point a super sharp edge.  It's secured to the foreshaft with pine sap glue and deer sinew.  The fletch is Canada Goose wing feathers wrapped on front and rear with deer sinew, but the feathers aren't glued to the shaft.  The rear of the arrow has been reinforced with a wooden plug, into which the string nock has been carved.  And finally the earth ochre paints copy the design found on the original arrow.  This arrow is a gorgeous replica of the original artifact.     

I really like the look of this arrow.  I've examined prehistoric stone arrow points from the desert Southwest and they are often very skillfully made.  Despite living in a harsh desert environment, the ancient Anasazi were often extremely skilled flintknappers.  I had to use all my flintknapping skill to create an arrowpoint that would pay tribute to the original craftsmen.  It's quite small, but displays very fine details and beautiful symmetry.  I also REALLY like the look of the foreshaft on this arrow.  I collected it while I was working in Tucson this past winter and though I'm not certain what species of shrub it is, it has a lot of character to it.  I've seen arrows in museums with foreshafts that look strikingly similar to this one.  It's straight, but still retains the bumps and character of a desert shrub.  This would make a great gift for anyone interested in Native American history, archaeology, bushcraft, or anyone who loves unique, handmade items.  This arrow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to prevent damage.  Click all photos for larger image.

Arrow Length: 35 inches.      

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