Replica Anasazi Arrow

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Replica Anasazi Arrow

Replica Anasazi Arrow
Replica Anasazi Arrow Replica Anasazi Arrow Replica Anasazi Arrow Replica Anasazi Arrow
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This replica Anasazi arrow is a copy of a 700-year-old artifact in a private collection that's illustrated in The Encyclopedia of Native American Bows, Arrows, and Quivers and it copies the original in every aspect. This composite arrow is comprised of a reed main shaft with a long dogwood foreshaft fitted into the front.  The fletch is Canada Goose wing feathers secured with deer sinew.  The nock is reinforced with a hardwood plug and then sinew wrapped to constrict the diameter of the reed to make it easier to hold with the pinch grip. The arrow is painted in the same colors and design as the original, and the obsidian point is also the same material, size and design as the one on the actual artifact.  It's a beautiful and accurate replica of the type of arrow used by the ancient hunter/gatherers who called the arid Four Corners region their home almost 1,000 years ago.

This is the type of arrow used for big game hunting and warfare.  I've seen numerous arrow points from this region and many of them are quite small.  Lighweight reed arrows don't carry the momentum of heavier hardwood arrows, so to compensate the Anasazi shrunk the size of the arrow points to tiny dimensions.  This concentrates the force into a much smaller area, giving their reed arrows the ability to penetrate into the vital organs of large game like deer and bighorn sheep. This lightweight arrow may appear fragile and harmless, but my own penetration tests have proved that lightweight arrows like this one can acheive lethal penetration on heavily muscled deer when shot by a skilled archer.  Click all photos for larger images. 

Arrow length: 35 inches

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