Great Basin Prehistoric Replica Knife (NEW!)

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Great Basin Prehistoric Replica Knife (NEW!)

Great Basin Prehistoric Replica Knife (NEW!)
Great Basin Prehistoric Replica Knife (NEW!) Great Basin Prehistoric Replica Knife (NEW!) Great Basin Prehistoric Replica Knife (NEW!)
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Here's a perfect replica knife from the Great Basin region of the western U.S. This knife features a blade made of hand-chipped black obsidian set into a handle of desert juniper.  The blade has been glued with pine sap glue with no additional wrapping (as were the originals).  The handle has a hole drilled into the center with a 2-ply hand-twisted poplar bark cord through it.  This ingenious design allows the knife to dangle on the wrist without having to hold it.  When the knife is needed, a quick flip of the wrist swings the knife into the palm where it's immediately ready for use. Custom display stand is included.  Knife is just under 7 1/2 inches long from handle butt to blade tip.    

This was a common knife design for numerous tribes living in the desert regions of the western U.S.  Prehistoric examples have been found in dry rockshelters in Utah, Arizona, and Oregon, and I've seen several examples displayed in museums in Arizona and New Mexico.  The rounded blade is the ideal shape for skinning large animals like deer and elk and it's shorter profile increases durability with less risk of breakage.  This knife is fully functional for light cutting tasks and skinning game animals.  Click photos for larger images.         

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