Electric Yellow Knife (SOLD)

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Electric Yellow Knife (SOLD)

Electric Yellow Knife (SOLD)
Electric Yellow Knife (SOLD) Electric Yellow Knife (SOLD) Electric Yellow Knife (SOLD)
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You can't get more eye-catching than this knife. It features a blade of electric yellow fiber optic glass set in a handle of black walnut heartwood that's been sanded smooth and sealed with two coats of urethane.  The blade is stunning...when you turn it in the light, each flake scar reflects back a brilliant yellow iridescence.  That contrasts with the handle of black walnut which first appears as a uniform, very dark brown, but when turned in the sunlight the wood grain has black bands separated by beautiful dark brown swirls and stripes that resembles stained mahogany. The wrappings that bind the blade to the handle are also accented by the banded breast feathers of a ringneck pheasant. Of course the stand of cypress is included, but I'm sure you're still captivated by the knife!  Believe me, so am I. This is one of the most visually stunning knives I've ever offered.  Knife length: 8-3/4 inches.      

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