Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD

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Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD

Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD
Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD Snakeskin Backed Recurve Bow SOLD
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This beautiful recurve bow is made of Osage orange wood that's backed with a western diamondback rattlesnake skin.  It has antler tip accents, a leather wrapped handle with decorative beads sewn to the bottom part of the grip, and a 2-ply string of tan and green Dacron B-50.  The center of the string is wrapped with serving to protect it from abrasion and provide years of trouble-free performance.  It has an excellent tiller and is a very sweet shooting bow with almost no handshock upon release.  It pulls 52 lbs at 22 inches of draw and is designed for a right handed shooter. 

This bow is designed for big game hunting at close range (15 yards or less), though with practice it can easily bring down animals at longer distances.  It has wide, thin, flat limbs to help distribute the stress over a wider surface area and the recurved tips provide early draw tension and improved arrow speed despite the bow's shorter draw length. This bow is tailored to hunting in areas of thick brush or hunting out of blinds where space is limited and a longer bow is impractical. This bow provides excellent maneuverability in tight situations yet still delivers arrows with lethal velocity.  This bow adopts many of the traits of the blind hunting bows used by the tribes of Northern California (short length, wide, thin limbs, and recurved tips).  The non-bending handle is narrow and thick for comfort, and the narrow width lessens arrow deflection, making it more forgiving with arrows of different spine. The snakeskin provides excellent camouflage in a variety of wilderness environments and it also gives the bow a deadly appearance.

Bow Specs:  Osage orange backed with western diamondback rattlesnake skin, 53 inches long (tip to tip), 1 1/16 inch wide at center of grip, 1 5/8 inches wide midlimb, 5/8 inches wide at tip below nock. Deer antler tip accents, green and tan Dacron B-50 string, leather wrapped grip, padded arrow rest. Pulls 52 lbs at 22 inch draw.  For right handed shooters.  

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