Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD

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Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD

Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD
Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD Premium Hickory Bowstave SOLD
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This gorgeous hickory stave will make a powerful, accurate, and deadly longbow, regardless of whether you're on the target range or in the deer stand.  This stave was cut from a premium hickory tree harvested in the mountains of North Georgia in January, 2018.  It is beautifully straight with very straight grain, absolutely no propeller twist and no sideways bends.  There are a few very minor bumbs along the back, but they are so small as to be of no concern to the bow maker.  The growth rings are small and tight, indicating this was a slow-growing tree that will be of maximum density and strength.  This stave can be made into a bow pulling 60+ lbs and handle up to a 30-inch draw length, which is perfect for oversized or taller archers like myself.  Both ends have been sealed and there are absolutely no drying cracks.  This stave is ready to be made into a bow the moment you receive it. Hickory is the ideal wood if you want to heat-treat the belly to increase its performance and elasticity. 

Important Advice: To ensure this stave is made into a bow that hits its intended draw weight, scrape the bark off carefully before tillering and leave the limbs a bit thicker and stronger to compensate.  If you tiller the bow and then remove the bark, you'll reduce the thickness of the limbs and that can significantly reduce the draw weight of the bow.  Remove bark BEFORE tillering to prevent a weaker-than-intended bow.

Stave Specs:  Hickory.  Length- Just under 67 inches.  Width at grip: 3 1/4 inches, Thickness at grip: 1 3/4 inches.    

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