Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!)

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Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!)

Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!)
Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!) Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!) Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!) Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!) Short Osage Bow Stave (NEW!)
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This short osage orange bow stave came from a large diameter tree that was cut back in 2008.  Yes, it's been seasoned that long!  The back is almost perfectly flat with absolutely no knots.  Because it came from a larger tree the growth rings are thinner and tighter and will require a bit more care when establishing the back.  Even still, it's a heavy, dense piece of wood.  It's also quite thick, allowing you the freedom to explore deeper into the stave to find a larger, thicker growth ring if you want.  It has a slight sideways bend on one end of the stave, but thankfully osage is very easy to straighten with a little grease and heat.  This stave would make a powerful southern Plains (Comanche, Kiowa, Tonkawa or Pawnee) bow, or a kid's bow that perfectly matches dad's full sized hunting bow. Click photos for larger images.   

Stave Specs: Osage orange (seasoned 9 years!), 46 1/2 inches long, 2 inches wide @ center, 2 1/2 inches thick @ center. 

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