Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2

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Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2

Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2
Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2 Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2 Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2 Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2 Kid's Bow and 3 Arrows 2
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This high performance kid's bow is made from a half split sapling of Osage orange that's got a beautiful strung profile and shoots just as well as it looks.  The grip is wrapped with a strip of buttery-soft leather to pad the arrow when it leaves the bow and it has a string of B-50 Dacron for years of trouble-free performance.  When viewed from the belly there's a pretty strip of yellowish-brown heartwood down the center of both limbs with creamy white sapwood on either side.  The bow is sanded smooth but is unfinished, allowing you to paint it, seal it, or otherwise customize it however you (or your little one) want.   

This bow also comes with 3 matched arrows specifically designed for this bow.  They're fletched with real turkey wing feathers that have a helix so they'll spin in flight and ensure straight, true trajectory.  They also have red marks on the shaft as a visual draw point marker...the arrows are not to be drawn past this mark as this indicates the bow's full draw.  Care/instruction sheet included and the bow is shipped in a PVC pipe to ensure no damage during shipping.    

This bow pulls a stout 21 lbs at 19 inches of draw and will delight you with its speed.  However, close adult supervision is required when shooting this bow.  Just because it's listed as a kid's bow doesn't mean it's a toy...this bow shoots its little arrows with big-bow speed.  If you want a kid's bow that's a minaturized version of dad's and shoots just as well, look no further. 

Bow Specs: Osage orange, 46 inches long, pulls 21 lbs at 19 inches of draw, Dacron B-50 string, leather wrapped grip.  Three matched arrows and care/instruction sheet included.

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