Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD)

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Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD)

Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD)
Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD) Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD) Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD) Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD) Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD) Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD) Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD) Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows (SOLD)
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This 100% handmade primitive kid's bow is made from a small diameter piece of Osage orange and comes with 3 matched arrows.  The bow has a leather-wrapped grip and a string of Dacron B-50 for years of trouble-free performance.  The bow is sanded smooth but is left unfinished.  It can be painted with a Native American design, stained any color, selaed with urethane, or simply left as-is...customize and decorate this bow however you like.  It pulls 16 lbs at its full draw of 19 inches and will delight you with its speed and power.  

The arrows are made of dowels that are carefully selected for parallel grain so it doesn't run off at an angle...this ensures maximum durability.  These arrows are matched to this particular bow so they'll give straight and true arrow flight.  They are fletched with real turkey feathers that are wrapped fromt and back with artificial sinew.  The feathers are then glued to the shaft so they grab the air the moment they leave the bow to ensure maximum stability and accuracy.  The fronts of the shafts are blunt for target shooting and are wrapped with artificial sinew to prevent splitting if they hit something hard.  The arrows have red rings on the shafts...these are draw point markers that are not to be drawn past the handle.  This gives a visual que to the shooter so they don't overstrain the bow.  If you like, small stone or metal points can be secured to the tips of the arrows to transform this bow into a hunting-worthy weapon capable of taking small and medium-sized game at close range.  Now your up-and-coming hunter can carry his own hunting-worthy bow in the field that's just like dad's, just in a smaller package!   

This bow comes with a care/instruction sheet and is shipped to you in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure it arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition.  Despite being a kid's bow, this is a high-performance bow and arrow set that shoots arrows with surprising speed, so use only under close adult supervision to ensure safe conditions.

Bow Specs:    Osage orange, 46 inches long, pulls 16 lbs @ 19 inch draw, Dacron B-50 string, leather wrapped grip.

Arrow Specs: Dowels with parallel grain, real turkey wing feather fletch, blunt tips, 23 1/2 inches total length. 

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