Snakey Osage Stave (NEW!)

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Snakey Osage Stave (NEW!)

Snakey Osage Stave (NEW!)
Snakey Osage Stave (NEW!) Snakey Osage Stave (NEW!)
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Sometimes the most intriguing thing about nature is its imperfections, and this stave clearly proves that.  It has snakey character that would be considered "imperfect" by some folk's standards, but I really like the look of this stave and I embrace pieces of wood like this one.  This stave came from a small diameter tree that grew under the shade of larger oaks and hickories, resulting in an almost flawless stave.  It has been seasoned for 2 years and is ready to be made into a bow the moment you receive it.  The bark furrows parallel the wood perfectly, indicating grain that's true and isn't twisted.  It only has 2 very small knots on what would have been the upper end of the tree, though they are so small as to be insignificant.  The tree grew with this snakey profile, though how much of that character it retains when made into a bow is up to you.  After some wood reduction and basic shaping the stave can be very easily heated and the "snakes" can be bent straight if you wish.  Or you can only do very minor straightening and leave the majority of the bends in the finished bow. It's up to you.  It's important to get the string to track correctly so it bisects the handle, or better yet, "leans" to the side of the handle where the arrow will be.  That makes the bow more centershot and requires less flexing of the arrow when fired.  That results in more accurate, forgiving arrow flight. Tiller the bow carefully and this snakey bow will prove just as accurate and deadly as a perfectly straight wooden longbow.  Cosmetics mean nothing as long as the bow is carefully made and tillered properly.

Stave Specs: Osage orange (seasoned 2 years), 65 1/2 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide at center, 1 3/8 inches thick at center.      

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