Red Elm Bowstave (NEW!)

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Red Elm Bowstave (NEW!)

Red Elm Bowstave (NEW!)
Red Elm Bowstave (NEW!) Red Elm Bowstave (NEW!) Red Elm Bowstave (NEW!)
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This beautiful red elm bowstave has been seasoned for 2 years and is ready to be made into a powerful longbow. It has a few knots along the back, though you could lay out the bow to avoid most of them.  Elm is so strong in tension, however, that it would be perfectly safe to leave the knots on the bow's back...just be sure not to violate the growth rings.  The vast majority of the bark has been removed though it remains moslty around the knots.  The rings are intact and the back has not been violated.  The remaining bark can be scraped off with a knife.  It has a slight sideways bend on one end, but that can easily be straightened out with either grease and heat or by steaming or boiling the end and bending it straight.   

Elm is a different wood than other hardwoods like hickory or osage in that it has interlocking grain.  This makes it very difficult to use an axe or drawknife when reducing the wood because elm has a tendency to split and gouge out.  You can use a bandsaw to remove excess wood if you have access to one, though I use a rasp to do much of the reduction when I make an elm bow.  Yes it's slow going, but that way you can be sure of the wood reduction and it eliminates the risk of creating deep gouges that are unsightly and could affect the integrity of the resulting bow.  What elm lacks in workability it more than makes up for in performance.  It's very strong, yet it's lighter than hickory or oak, resulting in lighter tips that have a greater return speed.  It will make a very fast bow.  I also really like the look of the grain in elm after it's been sanded smooth and sealed.  

Stave Specs:  Red elm, 67 1/2 inches long, 2 3/4 inches wide at center.           

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