Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD

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Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD

Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD
Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD Kid's Bow & 3 Arrows SOLD
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I call this kid's bow the "yellow jacket" because, just like the sting of that small hornet this bow packs a wallop.  This bow is handmade of Osage orange and pulls a stout 23 lbs at its maximum draw of 17 1/2 inches.  The string is black Dacron B-50 that's been served with black serving thread to protect the center of the string from abrasion.  It has a semi-permanent knot on the bottom limb and the top limb has a rounded, expanding peg nock where the plaited loop of the string fits over.  The handle has been wrapped with buttery-soft leather to pad where the arrow contacts the bow and make it quieter upon release.  

The arrows are made of dowels that were carefully selected to ensure the grain was straight and didn't run off the shaft at an angle.  That ensures the shafts are much stronger and more durable.  The arrows are fletched with real turkey wing feathers that have been wrapped front and back with artificial sinew and were then glued to the shaft to ensure they grab the air immediately when fired, making them spin and stabilize faster.  The front of the arrows are blunt and are wrapped tightly with artificial sinew to prevent splitting if they hit something hard.  Long arrows fly much better than shorter ones, so I made these arrows longer than the bow's maximum draw length.  To help prevent over-drawing the bow, I put red rings on the shafts...these are draw point markers that are not to be drawn beyond the bow's handle.  These arrows are matched to the bow, meaning they have the correct flexibility and balance to fly straight and true when shot from this bow.  These arrows are carefully crafted to ensure excellent performance and accuracy.  

This bow has been sanded with 100-grit sandpaper, but I left it plain and unfinished to allow the customer to finish it however they like. Feel free to add any artistic finish that you desire.  The bow can be sanded, painted or stained, and sealed.  Or it can just be sanded with progressively finer sandpaper and then sealed with urethane.  Or it can be used as-is.  The final product is up to you.   

Like I said before, this little poison slinger has some punch!  It's a miniature version of an adult hunting bow and its performance will surprise you. Twenty three pounds is a lot of power to pack into such a small, short weapon.  It sends its matched arrows downrange with surprising velocity and accuracy in the hands of a skilled archer.  The blunt arrows could be tipped with small stone points giving them the ability to take down small and medium-sized game like, squirrels, raccoons and even small foxes at fairly close range.  But EXTREME CARE must be exercised!  When you shoot this bow, be very careful because it can really throw an arrow with force and the arrow can carry a considerable distance.  Shooting should only be done under close adult supervision.  Be sure of your backstop and don't shoot toward any houses, people, or pets.  Instruction and care sheet comes with the bow.  Click all photos for larger images.           

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