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Partner: Aneta Den - fotograf Zielona Góra


These bows are completely handmade from various hardwoods and are serious hunting weapons.  They are fast, light in the hand and will launch arrows with authority.  Couple these bows with matched arrows and you've got a weapon that would have made any Stone Age hunter proud.  Over my 15 years as a die-hard primitive bowhunter I've used these weapons to bring down a variety of large and small game animals.  From tiny squirrels to 200-lb deer, these bows have proved themselves deadly, accurate, and dependable.  If you don't see anything you like, contact me via e-mail ( about custom bows perfectly fitted to your exact specs.  Accept the ultimate hunting challenge and hunt with a bow that transports you to time of your ancient ancestors!   

I'm also proud to offer some bows from my good friend Dan Spier who's a local artist, bowmaker, and flintknapper.  CLICK HERE to see some of his exceptional bows. 

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